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Your fonts look awful in Chrome. Here’s the fix. 10 Comments

No offense, but your fonts look like junk. You might not notice it at first, but sometimes when you translate fonts from photoshop, even with… Read more →

Developing Huntsy No Comments

Tanooki Suit co-founder David Renz conceived Huntsy before joining QLabs – in fact, it was based on his experiences while searching for the next step… Read more →

Developing Rootsy No Comments

Rootsy is a social network for families, which hinges around a dynamic and collaborative family tree that your whole family edits together. As your close… Read more →

Tanooki Labs is a product and development studio based in NYC. We're primarily a Ruby on Rails shop, but we choose the right tool for every job and have experience with many languages and platforms.

We're also an iOS app development studio with an experienced team that has worked on iTunes chart topping applications.

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